Little is known of the past of the woman known as Silver. Even her true name has yet to be disclosed. What is known is that sometime in the recent past Silver and her lover, the indestructible cyborg known as Gold, underwent an experimental cybernetic bonding process.

In Silver's case, the process removed her arms and replaced with with enhanced cybernetic prosthesis. While her new arms naturally increated her strength and punching power, their primary function was to serve as conduits for the thermocouple mounted on her back, which could generate heat sufficiently powerful enough to melt through metals up to a foot thick.

However, this came with a downside for Silver--the implants were rejected by her physiology, leading to a condition known as cybernetic necrosis. Maddened by constant pain, Silver murdered the scientist who performed the procedures, ensuring the process could not be refined or duplicated.

Gold and Silver formed a team of small-time but effective mercenaries, generally employed as assassins or bodyguards for lower tier gangs on the Frontier. Gold intended their jobs to fund surgeries for Silver, whose necrosis forced her to drink heavily to blunt the pain she was feeling and also led her to engage in risky and erratic behavior.

This erratic behavior would ultimately cause her death on Kuran colony. Silver and Gold had made their way to Lil's liquor store, whereupon Silver had grown belligerent and used her burning grip to injure Lil. Lil's friend Kienan Ademetria.

Kienan pursued them to their hideout in Kuran's Industrial Block, engaging the duo in battle. Kienan severed Silver's arms, and, while he had her incapaciatated, used Gold's weight to hang Silver by a chain--in a sense, forcing Gold to kill her lover.

Gold has sought vengeance on Kienan ever since. During one instance Gold had hoped that Dr. Rachel Kyren would be able to engineer a sample of Silver's DNA so that she could bear her lover's child, even if Silver was lost to her forever. However, in the ensuing battle with Kienan, Kyren was killed and the DNA sample lost, meaning that Gold has only memories of her lover now.