Former prostitute at the House of Love and Jayla Kyren's lover shortly before her suicide. Little is known of the past of the women who would come to be known as Sauvage. It is assumed that Lil was her mother, but any further details of her childhood are unknown.

What is known is that Sauvage worked with Jayla Kyren during their time as prostitutes, and grew close initially after Sauvage comforted Jayla after a session with a particularly rough client. They would remain lovers in the weeks after that, however their relationship would ultimately be cut short by Jayla's suicide.

Wracked with grief following her death, Sauvage attempted to exact revenge on anyone and everyone who she blamed for Jayla's suicide, killing Gao and attempting to kill Jayla's former lover, Kienan Ademetria. However, after a brief struggle, Kienan, recognizing their mutual pain, provided her with the means to end her own life.