Ryuga Edit

Race of dragon-like beings in the GMB Universe.

Ryugans are much stronger than humans, and their scaled hides make them very difficult to injure or kill. Their sharp claws and teeth can maim or kill easily. Upon killing their prey, they ritualistically devour their vital organs as part of a ceremony to absorb their power.

Culturally they are very aggressive and delight in battle, and have, over the centuries, made their culture a martial one, primarily geared toward establishing supremacy by conflict.

Notable Ryugans include Gojirus, who Kienan Ademetria killed to become champion of the bloodmatches, and Ghidorus, one of the Onikage, who was later slain by Kienan Ademteria as he tried to avenge Gojirus' defeat, which Ghidorus considered a stain on his race's pride.