Omega in his "base" mode. A glimpse of his full-power mode can be see in the background.

Omega's true designation is Ain Soph Aur, the third of three artificial humanoids (the others being Lewis Sinclaire and Silhouette) created by Doctor Rafael Sandoval in the course of an experiment to use a quantum singularity to tap into what he called the "Empyrean"--the raw energy which sparks the creation of life.

While the nature and ultimate result of Dr. Sandoval's experiment has yet to be revealed, it is known that the three artificial humanoids gained sentience and unique abilities due to their exposure to the Empyrean. While Sinclaire and Silhouette were abandoned, Omega remained under the care of Kyra Jenolan Sandoval and Doctorr Natas Reficul, who have been training Omega in the use of his superhuman abilities for purposes that have yet to be revealed.

Omega first appeared in the company of Kyra Sandoval rendezvouing with Dr. Reficul, who had been working with a squad of Sekhmet abberants on the planet Axanar. While none of them engaged Kienan Ademetria or Toriares, who, along with Sinclaire, finally destroyed the Sekhmet, Omega encountered Sinclaire when he attempted to discover who was behind the upgraded Sekhmet.

Sinclaire was brutally beaten, crucified on his own swords by Omega, who demonstrated vast powers over gravity and electromagnetic energy. During the course of their fight, it became apparent that Kyra had been manipulating Omega over the years, making him completely dependant on her and shaping his view of the universe to her whims.

She and Reficul have also designed an intriate and redunant system of retraints and power dampers to limit Omega's ability to tap the full measure of the powers at his command. However, even under those limitations, his power level is incredible.

The ultimate purpose of Kyra's manipulation of Omega has yet to be revealed.

The story is ongoing.