The Nighthawk with its pilot, Kienan Ademetria


Prototype stealth fighter and infiltration ship designed by Meridius Soldato at Zwei Base. The Nighthawk was a lightly armed stealth ship, designed to covertly slip past enemy fleets with the aid of advances stealth armor and counter-scan technology, anchor itself to an enemy capital ship and allow its pilot to infiltrate the ship without detection.

While the ship would never enter mass production, and Kienan Ademetria would steal the sole prototype, the Nightawks innovations would be incorporated into the later 'Centaur design, specifically it's counter-scan suites. Added to the Vanguard version of the Centaur would be a version of the Nighthawks ability to infiltrate enemy capital ships.

Kienan Ademetria would use the Nighthawk as his personal fighter for some time until it was destroyed by Pirate Red in an attempt to kill Kienan in open space. Kienan would replace the Nighthawk with his personally designed fighter, the Starblade Reiven.