Toriares' shuttlecraft and counterpart to Kienan Ademetria's Ruby Vroom, the Naiad, like the Vroom, is a custom-designed shuttlecraft built personally by Toriares to exacting specifications. Owing to design decisions made early in its construction, the Naiad's maximum complement is 4--though the craft ideally only seats two comfortably. Designed to operate in every conceivable terrain (even underwater, provided certain modifications are made prior to deployment) in space and planetary colonies, in orbit, or for short-range missions where starfighters would not be ideal, the Naiad is designed primarily for two things--defense and speed.

The defensive systems on the Naiad are amazing; especially given the demands the systems make on the Sirene X-2 Special power plant. The body of the Naiad is designed to repel enemy fire by design--a glancing projectile is more likely to bounce off the ship due to its angled armor plating. To further buttress this design decision, Toriares has used an outer shell of Duranite armor plating, similar to what is used on the UEF Gauntlet Heavy Fighter. Duranite provides excellent protection without adding excessive weight to the Naiad's chassis. Further enhancing the Duranite, Toriares has also painted the outer skin of the Naiad with ablative crystalline armor. This plating is considered excellent protection against standard energy weapons, as a blaster bolt striking the armor will disperse the force of the blast along the refractory crystals and burn the heat away by reacting with the bolt to form a gas. Finally, a Class 4 dual-source force shield provides the craft with an energy-saving method of deploying shields, offering a continual reactive deflector shield that can immediately be boosted to a full force shield.

In terms of speed, the Naiad very nearly equals Kienan's Ruby Vroom. While there has never been a conclusive series of performance trials between the two craft, observation indicates that the Vroom has a slight edge in speed owing to its more aerodynamic shape and lightweight frame.

The weapon systems of the Naiad are unknown at present, however it has been suggested that Toriares has outfitted the Naiad with twin pulse cannons in the forward mandibles, a Crystal Pulse Laser under the cockpit, a larger version of the Magnet Beam weapon found in his King Stick, and twin bays in the aft section of the craft that house a clutch of Stingray laser-guided smart bombs to deter pursuing craft.