Midare-Giri Edit

Considered Kienan Ademetria's most infamous weapon, the Midare-Giri was given to him as a trophy for slaying Gojirus in the bloodmatches.

The twin-bladed knife is nearly the length of a short sword, and its exact metallurgical composition of the is unknown, but it is extremely strong, yet lightweight. Despite its age and the wear and tear, the blade holds its edge remarkably well with minimal sharpening and cleaning required.

It is balanced to be used with a forehand grip or backhanded grip (Kienan prefers the backhanded grip) and for a blade its size, is highly accurate when thrown. The serrated edges of the one of the blades are designed for inflicting maximum damage on the victim, the other side features a long razor-sharp straight edge.

Curiously, the Midare-Giri has an added lethal trick--it can electrify the blood of someone it has cut. There method of this attack is unclear--it has been supposed that the Midare-Giri was not initially a weapon but a piece of organic technology. However, its range is limited--it can only effect the person last cut by the blades--multiple blood types confound the Midare-Giri's ability to properly "lock" on a target. As such, Kienan rarely uses it, preferring to use the Midare-Giri as a melee weapon.