Grey playing her Stratocaster


Real name unknown. A native of the planet Cythera, the woman known only as Grey escaped while the UEF was testing a nanotechnological weapon known as Reapers. The Reapers inhabit living cells, killing them, and reanimating the dead animal or human it consumed. While Grey initially assumed she had escaped before the Reapers had been deployed, the Reapers in fact had been partially activated. They killed Grey, but she was able to remain conscious, though she had lost the ability to feel anything, though she initially assumed that the Reapers had malfunctioned and were keeping her alive--the loss of sensitivity explained as a by-product of their malfunction and explained away as a hereditary tactile deficiency she had always possessed.

Grey would ply her trade as a blues musician, travelling from colony to colony. Her signature guitar was a 1986 electric blue Fender Stratocaster. It was on an extended stay at the White Reflection club on Kuran colony she would meet Kienan Ademetria.

Kienan learned of her condition following the death of a friend and fellow assassin Carl Drayton. Unbeknownst to Kienan, Grey had hired Drayton to assassinate her (the extent and nature of her condition was by this time apparent to her) However, before Drayton could kill her, the Reapers in Grey's body reacted to protect her and she violently murdered Drayton.

Upon Drayton's demise, Kienan discovered the truth about Grey and confronted her at the White Reflection. As before, the Reapers in her body took over and she and Kienan fought. Kienan ultimately disrupted the Reapers inside her with his Midare-Giri, shutting them down and allowing Grey to finally rest in peace.