Little is known of the past of the woman known as Gold. Even her true name has yet to be disclosed. What is known is that sometime in the recent past Gold and her lover, the cyborg


known as Silver, underwent an experimental cybernetic bonding process.

In Gold's case, this modified her epidermis with an exotic mix of lightweight but incredibly resilient alloys which have made her fundamentally indestructible. The particulars of this process have never been revealed, and as Silver soon murdered the scientist who performed the procedures, perhaps will never be duplicated.

Gold and Silver formed a team of small-time but effective mercenaries, generally employed as assassins or bodyguards for lower tier gangs on the Frontier. Gold intended their jobs to fund surgeries for Silver, who was suffering painful cybernetic necrosis, as her procedure had not gone as smoothly as Gold's and was slowly maddening and killing her.

Gold's desperation to save her lover brought them to Kuran colony, where one of Silver's drunken rampages led to her injuring Lil with her burning grip. In retaliation, Kienan Ademetria hunted them down, and in a battle in Kuran's Industrial Block, and immobilized Gold in a block of molten metal. As she struggled to free herself, Kienan led her into a trap that essentially caused Gold to accidentally murder her lover, by hanging her with a chain.

Gold swore vengeance of Kienan for the death of her lover. A few months later, Dr. Rachel Kyren hired her, geneticist and mother of Jayla Kyren, who intended to use the clone she'd created from her daughter's DNA to murder Kienan.

While Gold and Kyren had equal motive for revenge, Gold's true incentive was her payment: Kyren had promised her that she would clone a sample of Silver's DNA and alter its structure in such a way that Gold would actually be able to bear her lover's child.

While Gold and Kyren's plans would fail and Kyren would be killed in the final conflict, Gold did gain a measure of revenge in the course of the battle by mortally damaging the Marionette known as Conscience to such an extent that she was merged with the Silhouette.

Kienan and Gold would clash intermittently several times after the Kyren affair. Their last known encounter took place while Gold was hired as a bodyguard for [Guy from GMB2 I can’t remember his name] which ended with Kienan blowing Gold out of an airlock. While this would normally prove fatal, Gold's indestructibility means her ultimate fate is still unknown.

The story is ongoing.