The Chimera with Toriares

Toriares' mobile base of operations, the Chimera is a specially-designed escort ship commissioned for Toriares on the assumption of his new job as troubleshooter for the Khephren. The ship bears all the hallmarks of Khephren design--gold anti-beam armor, opulent interior design, a hull design that favors graceful curves and crescent shapes, and a number of special modifications to better suit the craft to Toriares' needs.

The main feature of the Chimera is her engine. The Stellar Induction drive can pull ambient stellar energy unidirectionally as the ship moves through space, charging a series of capacitors within the engines that can increase the startup time of the engine and boost the speed of the Space Drive by a factor of ten.

Toriares also has excellent computer systems at his disposal, protected by multiple redundant backups. He also maintains several links to various information nets by a number of governments and also has an encryption randomizer that disguises his communications with other ships and computer systems effectively.

Little is known at present about the weapon systems of the Chimera--a cursory look at the ship indicates two heavy gunports on the wing-tips, but their particular type and power ratings have not been disclosed. Additionally, data on the Chimera's shields and other defensive systems is unavailable at present.

While space is at a premium on the ship--there are only 4 rooms in the crew quarters section, the interior does allow for a larger landing bay that can hold two shuttles (one of them usually being Toriares' own Naiad) and one fighter.