The Centaur (Vanguard version) with its pilot, Lt. Omar Mosul


Prototype space superiority fighter developed by Meridius Soldato at Zwei Base. The Centaur exists in two different types with two different specifications, each idenitifable by coloration.

The silver UEF model is a standard starfighter, providing a multi-role weapons platform suited for a number of different operations.

The black Olympus Vanguard model includes all the UEF specs and additionally has a compartment designed to carry one Marine trooper. This special pod (which can be removed) is typically used to deliver Marines on the outside of a capital ship, space station, or down to a planetary base. The Marines quickly burn through any armor or defenses and attempt to incapacitate or conquer their target. This unconventional method of troop deployment has proven effective in many roles, as it eludes the typical styles of anti-boarder measures.