The two Angelfish prototypes with their pilots (top to bottom) Mirage, Vain and Jayla-2


Code name for two prototype gunships designed by Meridius Soldato at Zwei Base. The Angelfish were designed as heavy gunships--heavily armed and high maneuverable--able to take an enormous amount of punishment thanks to their heavy armor and powerful shield generators, and deliver an impressive array of firepower.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Angelfish was its spaceframe. The pilot sat in the special cockpit, which was completely transparent, allowing for a completely unobstructed field of vision. The cockpit stayed stationary while the outer spaceframe rotated around the ship, allowing for deployment of weaponry and maneuvering thrusters with a higher degree of accuracy than most starships. In addition, the spaceframe could be "locked," providing easy atmospheric insertion at a slight cost to maneuverability.

While the specifications of the fighter were most impressive, when tested, the extreme G-forces generated by the fighters killed the test pilot assigned to them, and the Angelfish were mothballed at Zwei Base.

They would ultimately be stolen by Vain and Conscience, who took the two fighters as their own personal craft. Being that their physiologies and reflexes were superior to a normal human’s, they proved able to handle the fighters with none of the ill effects humans would suffer.

Upon Conscience's merging with the Silhouette, Mirage took over piloting the second Angelfish, and she continues to do so to this day.